Windows Virtual Servers Hosting

Best Private Virtual Server Service Provider

Windows Virtual Servers provide access to virtual computer. These machines are built on Windows operating system. The entire environment is same with Your PC. Furthermore, Virtual Server Hosting Provide extra layer of flexibility and security. Also, provide you great experience of Speed and scalability. The main aim of these type of services is to provide high availability (Uptime). The hosting solutions offer on are website are optimized enough. Our servers able  to fulfill your business needs. Private Virtual Server is ultimate business solution. Furthermore, Our VPS comes with preloaded operating system plan. You able to choose desire OS on VPS. Also, VPS provide High performance with SSD. VPS provide more resources as compared to shared hosting. Read about cheap windows vps.

Windows Virtual ServersWindows Virtual Servers

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting has own OS system. Furthermore, it provide the facility to install required OS. All you have to do this using the interface of already installed OS. A virtual server act as dedicated server. Dedicated virtual server hosting very cost effective choice. Furthermore, it is beneficial for business owners to have dedicated resources. The resources are much powerful. They are powerful as compared to other services offered. Also, we offer state of the art solution VPS at relatively best price. Our price suites to your budgets. Meanwhile we never compromise on quality. Our services not overloaded. So, we guarantee high availability. The service are available for which you are paying. Therefore, our dedicated windows server  performance is much better. We provide ultimate solution. Therefore, Business owners able get rid from shared hosting without spending thousands of dollars.

The Best Windows Virtual Server Features

Windows Virtual Server provide you on demand resources. Therefore, you able to utilize resources according to your requirements. Furthermore, daily backup feature provide you extra data safety opportunity. Also, Our powerful windows server hosting provide you optimal performance. So, let start with features.

  1. Servers powered by Xen
  2. 99% Uptime
  3. 100% Dedicated resources
  4. Dedicated IP Address
  5. Blazing fast 1 Gbps Speed
  6. Free to install OS
  7. Able to Reboot Server remotely
  8. Provide ability to backup and restore data
  9. Full root access
  10. Perfect for VPN Servers

Network & Datacenter Windows Virtual Servers

  • Intel Core Servers
  • 1 to 64 GB RAM
  • Provide RAID 10 Arrays
  • Reliable Power Supplier
  • Server backups
  • Cisco Network Topology
  • Advance network with premium data center
  • Diesel generators and UPS

So, virtual server is good choice. Wish you good luck!