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Guide to Windows Virtual Server Hosting 2018

Cheap VPS Hosting Starting from 10$

Windows Virtual Server Hosting is ultimate solution for various IT experts and Business owners. Cheap VPS Hosting enable them to handle database manipulation. Also, you able to run applications and perform operations on data storage. Furthermore, windows virtual server helps to recover disaster. Therefore, business owners prefer to deploy windows VPS hosting. This is best for their apps. In case of facing any disaster. The recovery of business is matter of minutes and even seconds. Yes, you able to recover your online business within no time. The ultimate features like redundant power sources, data and servers deployment technology enable you to recover your business within no time. Therefore, Fast recovery is main reason of using this type of hosting and the demands is increasing every day. Now, IT experts and web developers giving preference to windows based hosting. Also, they prefer it over any other hosting.Windows Virtual Server Hosting

Windows Virtual Server hosting

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Cheap windows dedicated server provide comfortable environment. You able host websites and apps. Your apps are compatibles with latest windows based hosting. Run apps without facing any issue. Cheapest dedicated server hosting is the powerful service.We offer service at affordable price. These servers are easy to manage and easy to use. Furthermore, the uptime is very amazing. This type of service offer you 99.9% guarantee uptime. Best windows dedicated server hosting offer you amazing feature of public IP’s. Furthermore, You able to order additional IP from our control panel. Our service provide you easy management of software. You can freely install tools you want to use without violating our terms and conditions regarding IP. Also, Our system provide you interface for easy DNS Management. Our dedicated windows server is powerful and provide high performance.

Best windows VPS Features

Best windows VPS provide you various features. This make our hosting service more attractive. Furthermore, Admin access rights is perfect. You able to install any tool any time on your server.Let, start with main features. Here some of them are given below.

  1. Administrative Server Access
  2. Manual and/or Automatic Backups
  3. High Performance Servers
  4. RDP Server Access
  5. Public IP Addresses Included
  6. 24x7x365 Technical Support
  7. Easy Software Management
  8. DNS Hosting management
  9. Automatic Server Setup System
  10. 64 bit operating system for better performance
  11. And much more benefits

Finally, Overall our windows based operating system is perfect for everyone. Our service can be used for forex trading, Running SEO Tools, installing boots, Uploading, Gaming server and storage etc… We provide service at cheap price with high resources.Therefore, give try to our service. We sure you will see the difference from other service provider.