Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting With SSD 2018

Fully Optimized Windows Dedicated hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting provide ultimate and cost effective solution for web hosting. The arising model able to meet the today competitive market. Furthermore, cheap windows VPS remote desktop provide a secure environment. Also, the system is perfect solution for flexibility. Therefore, the privacy and security of your applications has no bigger challenge now. A virtual private server provide pool of resources including RAM, HDD, Internet and many other features. The server is comes in two major category. The first one and widely use is shared VPS. The other one is dedicated server hosting. Customers decides the type of VPS according to their current need. Furthermore, VPS hosting provide feature to user to configure Resources like RAM, SDD and CPU according to his/her requirement.Also, read our guide Cheap Forex Vps .

dedicated windows server

Dedicated windows server

Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server is flexible service. It helps rapid migration of hosting from one virtual server to other virtual server. Furthermore, the Hosting easily migrated without any down time. Also, we offer 1Gbps full dedicated port. The field of VPS Server especially dedicated servers. The demands of these servers increased within few years. The latest technology has increase the network stability and internet speed. Before it was not possible. The main problem these days is scaling the hosting. The large companies need more resources for their business. They need to have pool of resources.

Dedicated Windows Server hosting features

Dedicated windows server has many features over shared hosting. Major five benefits are given below.So, let start one by one.

  1. Software compatibility: The dedicated hosting is compatible with all available software in the market. The main software widely used in dedicated hosting are control panel, process software, email software and website hosting software.
  2. Extensibility: VPS server provide the feature of extensibility in term of hardware. The hardware able to upgrade with little configuartion. It is easy to scale the hardware of system.
  3. Flexibility in control panel: Windows VPS provide great flexibility in control panel. It has user friendly interface. The control panel give you complete integration of webhosting server software.
  4. Stability: Due to NT server family architecture stability problem is solved. The windows environment is robust and will not crash suddenly.
  5. Easy support skill: Windows OS is widely use in all over the world. So, the support staff can easily available to trouble shoot any problem. Therefore, whenever clients have any issue they contact to support staff and their problem solved within reasonable time.

so, overall windows dedicated hosting is best for business owners. They can chose it without any problem. Therefore, VPS with dedicated resources is always best choice.