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Windows VPS

Cheap Windows VPS hosting and Virtual Server 2018

Cheap Windows VPS hosting provide extra computing resources and power. Furthermore, windows virtual server helps to reduce the running pressure of webhosting. As, the process is smooth for hosting websites on windows VPS. Therefore, cheap windows server hosting is considered a middle range hosting plan between shared hosting and high level dedicated hosting. On windows VPS you also able to install Apps and tools. VPS provide you Windows Operating system environment same as your PC.

Windows VPS is like you PC but instead of running at hope, VPS run on other place. Windows VPS hosting provide access to pool of resources. VPS hosting provide more control on cPanel and computing resources. As, the server are break down into small servers with separate operating system. On the other hand Shared hosting can host up to hundreds of websites. So, on shared hosting more customer use same server. This mean resources are distributed to more clients and results low performance.

cheap windows server

cheap windows vps

Windows VPS hosting ultimate solution

Windows VPS hosting server run own copy of operating system and act as dedicated server. Although physical server may contain many servers but the distribution of resources remains dedicated for users. By default most hosting providers offer Linux hosting solution. Finding a Best Windows VPS provider is difficult part. But once you find a best company, you easily scale your business. As, business growth rapidly and customers need quick solution. Windows VPS provide exact solution without losing any data. Also, these type of servers are able to handle large volume traffic. Mostly ASP.NET based websites need windows server vps hosting environment.

Windows VPS Server Best Value

Windows VPS Server provide Ultra SSD enable operating system. We provide real hardware and isolation virtualization solution.  We generate multiple accounts on under lying same dedicated physical server. Furthermore, RAID technology is used to provide full redundancy. Our servers are ultimate solution for business owners looking for extensive resources for their company website. SDD Technology provide you access to data 100x time fasters as compared to traditional hard disk drive. Also, we offer Windows VPS Server hosting from multiple data centers. Choose one that suite to your needs.

VPS Windows Server Addon

VPS Windows Server include multiple addon to make service more suitable for your business. Let start with the list:

DDoS Protection: Due to latest technology we protect your data from DDoS attacks.  DDos attack protection is available on all our server packages. The feature make sure server and data is safe. You able to easily defeat attackers with our Enterprise DDoS protection technology.

VM (Virtual Machine) Replication: With auto syncing we replicate Clients VM Virtual Machine. The feature is helpful to avoid downtime with redundancy. Our motive is to keep your business online all the time.

Complete Server management: Our dedicated team is available for complete management of your server. Management include daily backups, live support, server monitoring, Security updates and server audits etc…

Additional Resources:  VPS provide the opportunity to scale resources according to your business need. You able to add RAM, CPU, HHD at any time without losing data. So, we provide completely scalable service to grow your business. Furthermore, Additional IP also provided.

Control Panel: Provide user friendly control panel for efficient management. You able to manage emails and data bases from our control panel easily.  

SSL Certificates: We provide enterprise SSL certificate to keep your emails server and websites safe. Our SSL certificate provide extra layer of security to your website.

Microsoft Software Suite: We able to provide all Microsoft Products to our customer at very affordable monthly price. The Microsoft services like RDP Licenses, Terminal, OS, SharePoint, MS SQL Server and Exchange server etc.

Cheapest Windows VPS Overall

Cheapest Windows VPS is simply a Virtual Private Server or VPS. For sake of better understanding you can say that a VPS is a large Building apartment and you can split it in different ways. So, you able to split the building apartment into a smaller building blocks. Windows VPS support the installation of applications. You able to install application on VPS. There are some apps that need more computing resources. Windows server vps provide the ability to run these type of apps all the time without any interruption. We provide mostly use Windows hosting development software.

All Cheap Windows Server Hosting Plans Include

Cheap Windows Server Hosting include the following main features.

  • Unlimited websites host option
  • Full root admin access
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Control Panel
  • Backup management
  • Dedicated resources
  • High performance
  • Low latency rate
  • High availably
  • Redundancy

Best Windows Virtual Private Server Panel Features

Windows Virtual Private Server provide great features for panel.

  1. CPU Utilization monitoring
  2. Memory Utilization
  3. Easily disk space allocation
  4. Reboot from control panel
  5. Shut down, turn off and start
  6. Resume and pause VPS
  7. Reset

Buy Windows VPS Worthy?

Overall our goal is provide to best user experience service, so that your business meet to new heights every day. We provide excellent service for enterprise solution. Uptime, High performance, low latency and scalability are our major Windows VPS service benefits.

Windows Virtual Servers Hosting

Best Private Virtual Server Service Provider

Windows Virtual Servers provide access to virtual computer. These machines are built on Windows operating system. The entire environment is same with Your PC. Furthermore, Virtual Server Hosting Provide extra layer of flexibility and security. Also, provide you great experience of Speed and scalability. The main aim of these type of services is to provide high availability (Uptime). The hosting solutions offer on are website are optimized enough. Our servers able  to fulfill your business needs. Private Virtual Server is ultimate business solution. Furthermore, Our VPS comes with preloaded operating system plan. You able to choose desire OS on VPS. Also, VPS provide High performance with SSD. VPS provide more resources as compared to shared hosting. Read about cheap windows vps.

Windows Virtual ServersWindows Virtual Servers

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting has own OS system. Furthermore, it provide the facility to install required OS. All you have to do this using the interface of already installed OS. A virtual server act as dedicated server. Dedicated virtual server hosting very cost effective choice. Furthermore, it is beneficial for business owners to have dedicated resources. The resources are much powerful. They are powerful as compared to other services offered. Also, we offer state of the art solution VPS at relatively best price. Our price suites to your budgets. Meanwhile we never compromise on quality. Our services not overloaded. So, we guarantee high availability. The service are available for which you are paying. Therefore, our dedicated windows server  performance is much better. We provide ultimate solution. Therefore, Business owners able get rid from shared hosting without spending thousands of dollars.

The Best Windows Virtual Server Features

Windows Virtual Server provide you on demand resources. Therefore, you able to utilize resources according to your requirements. Furthermore, daily backup feature provide you extra data safety opportunity. Also, Our powerful windows server hosting provide you optimal performance. So, let start with features.

  1. Servers powered by Xen
  2. 99% Uptime
  3. 100% Dedicated resources
  4. Dedicated IP Address
  5. Blazing fast 1 Gbps Speed
  6. Free to install OS
  7. Able to Reboot Server remotely
  8. Provide ability to backup and restore data
  9. Full root access
  10. Perfect for VPN Servers

Network & Datacenter Windows Virtual Servers

  • Intel Core Servers
  • 1 to 64 GB RAM
  • Provide RAID 10 Arrays
  • Reliable Power Supplier
  • Server backups
  • Cisco Network Topology
  • Advance network with premium data center
  • Diesel generators and UPS

So, virtual server is good choice. Wish you good luck!

Windows Remote Desktop Server

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting with Remote Desktop 2018

The Best Windows VPS Server Hosting Service

Cheap Windows VPS are very useful for out sourcing work. Windows VPS Server provide equal opportunity to everyone to earn extra money. Whether you are business owner, student, graphic designer, seo expert and traders. It is nice to a have virtual PC. You able to access it anywhere when you need. Furthermore, you can monitor the work progress anytime. So, Your PC run 24/7. There are some Tools that need to be run all the time and it is not possible with PC. In this situation having a virtual server is best solution. So, in general the main idea of windows VPS hosting to have a PC like environment to install Apps and run them all the time. Furthermore, our VPS are highly optimized to make sure high performance. We guarantee 99.99% uptime. We provide VPS with full control. Yes, you have full control on VPS. Furthermore, we provide Full root admin access VPS. In this way you able to install tools easily. Dedicated server hosting provide some extra features.

Cheap Windows VPS

Cheap Windows VPS

Windows Remote Desktop Server (RDP)

Windows Remote Desktop Server enable to connect to virtual Microsoft operating system based server. User able to user graphical user interface and applications. The main feature of remote desktop connection is reestablishing connection without loss of data. You virtual desktop state remain same in case of disconnection. The remote server has high speed internet connection as compared to your home PC internet. Furthermore, it provide you scalability and administrative rights. So, that you able to install applications according to your needs. We also provide security of data to our customers. There data is safe on our servers.

Cheap Windows VPS Features:

  • Full root access
  • 89% Uptime
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Low latency rate
  • High Performance
  • Reliable Service
  • Provide Latest Operating System
  • Choose Price according to needs
  • Starting from 5$
  • 24/7 Support
  • Upgradeable from basic to advance
  • Server monitoring
  • Management of server using latest technology


Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting With SSD 2018

Fully Optimized Windows Dedicated hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting provide ultimate and cost effective solution for web hosting. The arising model able to meet the today competitive market. Furthermore, cheap windows VPS remote desktop provide a secure environment. Also, the system is perfect solution for flexibility. Therefore, the privacy and security of your applications has no bigger challenge now. A virtual private server provide pool of resources including RAM, HDD, Internet and many other features. The server is comes in two major category. The first one and widely use is shared VPS. The other one is dedicated server hosting. Customers decides the type of VPS according to their current need. Furthermore, VPS hosting provide feature to user to configure Resources like RAM, SDD and CPU according to his/her requirement.Also, read our guide Cheap Forex Vps .

dedicated windows server

Dedicated windows server

Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server is flexible service. It helps rapid migration of hosting from one virtual server to other virtual server. Furthermore, the Hosting easily migrated without any down time. Also, we offer 1Gbps full dedicated port. The field of VPS Server especially dedicated servers. The demands of these servers increased within few years. The latest technology has increase the network stability and internet speed. Before it was not possible. The main problem these days is scaling the hosting. The large companies need more resources for their business. They need to have pool of resources.

Dedicated Windows Server hosting features

Dedicated windows server has many features over shared hosting. Major five benefits are given below.So, let start one by one.

  1. Software compatibility: The dedicated hosting is compatible with all available software in the market. The main software widely used in dedicated hosting are control panel, process software, email software and website hosting software.
  2. Extensibility: VPS server provide the feature of extensibility in term of hardware. The hardware able to upgrade with little configuartion. It is easy to scale the hardware of system.
  3. Flexibility in control panel: Windows VPS provide great flexibility in control panel. It has user friendly interface. The control panel give you complete integration of webhosting server software.
  4. Stability: Due to NT server family architecture stability problem is solved. The windows environment is robust and will not crash suddenly.
  5. Easy support skill: Windows OS is widely use in all over the world. So, the support staff can easily available to trouble shoot any problem. Therefore, whenever clients have any issue they contact to support staff and their problem solved within reasonable time.

so, overall windows dedicated hosting is best for business owners. They can chose it without any problem. Therefore, VPS with dedicated resources is always best choice.

windows dedicated server hosting

Guide to Windows Virtual Server Hosting 2018

Cheap VPS Hosting Starting from 10$

Windows Virtual Server Hosting is ultimate solution for various IT experts and Business owners. Cheap VPS Hosting enable them to handle database manipulation. Also, you able to run applications and perform operations on data storage. Furthermore, windows virtual server helps to recover disaster. Therefore, business owners prefer to deploy windows VPS hosting. This is best for their apps. In case of facing any disaster. The recovery of business is matter of minutes and even seconds. Yes, you able to recover your online business within no time. The ultimate features like redundant power sources, data and servers deployment technology enable you to recover your business within no time. Therefore, Fast recovery is main reason of using this type of hosting and the demands is increasing every day. Now, IT experts and web developers giving preference to windows based hosting. Also, they prefer it over any other hosting.Windows Virtual Server Hosting

Windows Virtual Server hosting

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Cheap windows dedicated server provide comfortable environment. You able host websites and apps. Your apps are compatibles with latest windows based hosting. Run apps without facing any issue. Cheapest dedicated server hosting is the powerful service.We offer service at affordable price. These servers are easy to manage and easy to use. Furthermore, the uptime is very amazing. This type of service offer you 99.9% guarantee uptime. Best windows dedicated server hosting offer you amazing feature of public IP’s. Furthermore, You able to order additional IP from our control panel. Our service provide you easy management of software. You can freely install tools you want to use without violating our terms and conditions regarding IP. Also, Our system provide you interface for easy DNS Management. Our dedicated windows server is powerful and provide high performance.

Best windows VPS Features

Best windows VPS provide you various features. This make our hosting service more attractive. Furthermore, Admin access rights is perfect. You able to install any tool any time on your server.Let, start with main features. Here some of them are given below.

  1. Administrative Server Access
  2. Manual and/or Automatic Backups
  3. High Performance Servers
  4. RDP Server Access
  5. Public IP Addresses Included
  6. 24x7x365 Technical Support
  7. Easy Software Management
  8. DNS Hosting management
  9. Automatic Server Setup System
  10. 64 bit operating system for better performance
  11. And much more benefits

Finally, Overall our windows based operating system is perfect for everyone. Our service can be used for forex trading, Running SEO Tools, installing boots, Uploading, Gaming server and storage etc… We provide service at cheap price with high resources.Therefore, give try to our service. We sure you will see the difference from other service provider.